An Overdue Update

So life just keeps on going, going, going; and sadly I am do for an overdue update. Last Thursday (Sept 21 – 2 days shy of 17 weeks), at the prompting of my friend, I met with her highly recommended MFM. He shall be called Dr. Wonderful. This man has the best bedside manner EVER. He is gentle, compassionate, pro-life, loves Jesus, and is not going to be bound by time in any way. My appointment with him was LONG and amazing and such a comfort. I got to watch my baby move and thrive along with one of my dearest friends. We sat there and watched my Little Peanut wiggle and turn around and have a great heartbeat.

At 16 weeks Nuchal Translucency is no longer visible so they now measure the Nuchal Fold. Little Peanut had an abnormal thick nuchal fold, but that was not surprising to us at this point. There is still a great presence of fluid, again not new news. For the first time we heard the word “normal”. Baby’s brain and gut looked normal!!! This is going to be week by week and subject to change throughout the pregnancy, but that was a great triumph to hear those words at least today. Baby also has a nose bone and we are so grateful for that! One concern they are definitely going to be monitoring is baby’s bones are tracking significantly smaller than they should be (although very common with a DS early diagnosis), is an important sign of baby’s ability to be able to grow throughout the pregnancy and obtain viability.

Based on this appointment, we have been recommend to deliver at Medical City Dallas, which was Dr. Rainbows and Sunshine’s opinion, too. However, we will now also qualify for the AMNI program (Advanced Maternal and Newborn Institute with Dr. Wayne Farley). This program offers patient-focused outpatient and inpatient care of pregnancies complicated by fetal anomalies and/or chromosomal aberrations. The benefit of this program is they are 100% equipped and graceful in dealing with this baby however it plays out; whether we need love and resources for death or we need all hands on deck with a medical team and surgeries and NICUs.

We also met with a Cardiologist that day who did a very early glance at the heart. While it wasn’t thorough by any stretch because baby is too wiggly and too little to study our Little Peanut conclusively, the things he could see were all normal. That word again. Oh my stars. It was thrilling to hear. However, the two common problems related to DS he couldn’t analyze until baby gets to 20 weeks. And in our new normal of day-to-day. What is okay today, can tomorrow turn catastrophic. Or can be fine through pregnancy and need all hands on deck at delivery because technology of the heart is still very limited to see all range and scope of issues. But we will take this ray of hope for today.

We will be changing Cardios to one who comes highly recommended for dealing with extensive heart issues with babies in utero. At 20 weeks we will visit with Dr. Wonderful (the MFM) and our Cardio who, based on several friends’ recommendations, I am confident we will also adore. We are currently awaiting news from AMNI as to who is the OB on our case, but there are several docs we will pursue if they are not the named ones. Putting together a medical team is a full-time JOB. haha.

I love these words from Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) by Hillsong United. I feel like I need them framed on my wall. ❤

Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders
Let me walk upon the waters
Wherever You would call me
Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander
And my faith will be made stronger
In the presence of my Savior


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