Crunchy Gal


The journey I’ve been on as a Crunchy Gal has lead me to a natural home and a toxin-free lifestyle, maintaining wellness year round through home remedies and essential oils, and to parenting-out-of-the-box. I pray you find this a place to gather and share info while you are on your own journey towards being crunchy, and that you will glean tips and tricks, homeschooling help, and lots of encouragement in your parenting. I am so excited you are here, learning and researching outside of the status quo to find what is right for you and your family.

This is My StoryOn my blog I share pieces of my life, including the journey I am on as a mom, books I love to read, my favorite DIY recipes, and all things I love as a Crunchy Gal. Follow my blog here. As time permits, I’m trying to blog about the benefits and uses of essential oils, too.

Crunchy GalThe word crunchy is a fun word that can mean different things to different people. To me it means natural living, holistic health and unconventional wisdom. Click here to learn more!

Essential Oil BasicsI wrote an essential oil class just for you! You can read it all in one easy to read page! I also put together a whole page full of information about Essential Oils, the FAQs I get most often, and how to get started with Young Living. Check out the page Essential Oils. 🙂