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20 Weeks

Oct 14 marked 20 Weeks and the week of All The Appointments.

It is thrilling to be halfway, and to realize my God is bigger than any doctor or diagnosis. Remember the first MFM, Dr. Doom and Gloom? He said we’d never make it to 20 weeks and here we are – our daughter is still alive!

The appointment with the Cardiologist and the fetal echo revealed that our daughter does have a congenital heart defect – a VSD – a hole in her heart. There are lots of possible outcomes for this; from hole can close on its own to if it doesn’t close Peanut could need anything from a cardiac catheter to open heart surgery after birth to help it close…. Just depending on severity. So lots of unknowns, and lots of appointments to come to monitor and keep tabs on it.Other that that all our other news was actually good this week!! Every bone measurement, every organ measurement including her brain, while all on the small scale, fell within the range of normal. Wahoo!!

In fun news, since the report was largely positive, this means we get a break from all the docs for a couple weeks. We resume seeing all three docs for the next round of appointments at 23 weeks…. the week of Nov 6.

Hillsong United’s lyrics from In God We Trust are the perfect cry of our hearts. <3

You finish what You begun
Forever strong in Your love
Your Name is sure
And You will fight for us
Our hope forever secure
In You alone

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    Many prayers for your family.

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