How to Recognize Infantile Spasms in Your Baby

It is important to recognize Infantile Spasms. There is still a mindset that this is rare even from organizations trying to educate, even though a couple thousand new kids are diagnosed every year. Sadly is if it is missed, and the longer it is left untreated, regressions, and additional developmental delays can happen. I write this not to scare, but rather to encourage you to pay attention because it can be overlooked.

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I remember having a boring life. Every day was the same. Wake up. Stumble to find a cup of hot tea. Feed my people. Do a load of laundry. Feed the people again. Break up a battle. Feed the people again. Hold a baby. Step on a lego. Feed the people again. Change a diaper. Read a book with them. Feed the people again. And that was just before 10:30am most days. And now? The life of our Little Peanut, Leah, has brought us somewhere new and different. Somehow we are "that family". The one that needs all hands on deck. I don't even know when we turned into that, but here we are. I mean I thought we were mildly doing okay, but then one of my best friends typed out my story for a blog and I don't know.…

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Open letter to the Mama in the NICU

  To the high risk mamas and the NICU mamas. I see you. I see you going to your appts alone. Scared. Fearful. Wondering what new piece of sad or bad information is awaiting you from your medical team. I see the tears you wipe away when a friend is gushing about how the color she is painting her nursery or the new outfit she found for her baby and you are praying daily that your baby will make it earthside. I see you on bedrest in antepartum or at home or even just playing the waiting game like I did of should we take baby now, will baby make it, can we push baby another day or two. The game of fighting between sleeping baby and safe delivery/alive baby is harrowing and risky and frightful. I see your anxiety. I…

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Oils for Dudes

It seems everywhere I look these days essential oils are on the news, on social media, are being diffused in doctor's offices, and being promoted largely by women. So, I will let you in a little secret that I hope doesn't stay a secret a whole lot longer.  There are oils for dudes, too! In a faster-than-speeding-light world, in which the second a piece of news hits your newsfeed, it's already too late, the men stand to benefit so much for essential oils.  Let's dive in. 1. Refresh Tired Muscles For cooling and some soothing on his muscles, joints, back, knees and neck after a long day or after any physical activity, Cool Azul, PanAway, Deep Relief or Peppermint Essential Oil are amazing!  Women, rub these on your men stat! 2. Clean Shaven For that clean shaven look that is often required in…

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Play Learning

It's official!  We have started the school year.  Mostly our days are filled with laughter, some learning through play, and some learning through intentional activities. So by way of recap, here was the month of September and what we learned. Aug 24-Aug 28 was the Letter G, the Garden of Eden and the 7 days of creation. We memorized Gen 1:31. Our activity wa making a contact paper creation book, using cotton ball clouds, fresh grass and leaves, and animal stickers. We had a fantastic, fun morning watching Itty Bitty participate along with us.  The end of the week was about learning about gardens and seeds and how plants grow. So we set about planting our own seeds!     Week 3 (Aug 31-Sept 4) brought the planning of the month of September, the letter A for Apples, learning all about Apples. We tasted…

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I am definitely living in the moments.  Most days I'm just trying to keep my clan alive, which is harder than it sounds actually.  But moments.  The moments that make me laugh from deep inside because oh-my-stars the things littles say and do; to the moments I want to tear my hair out of my head and need to put myself in time-out because oh-my-stars the things littles say and do. :) Case in point. One moment these kids are having the greatest day of their life enjoying rides at a kiddie park. So much joy, so much laughter. But moments later when I needed her to sit on the other side of the stroller so I could put the baby where she had chosen to sit. Complete attitude.  This girl already knows how to dish it out at two. I…

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Young Living

Essential Oils and Young Living Essential oils, known as nature’s living energy, are the natural, aromatic volatile liquids found in shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes, and seeds. The distinctive components in essential oils defend plants against insects, environmental conditions, and disease. Young Living is the world leader in essential oils and wellness solutions. Backed by their amazing Seed to Seal process, millions of people are now experiencing the incredible power of essential oils.  Through each step of the production process on both our own and our partner farms, Young Living uses the most exacting standards possible to make the products, your life, and the earth better. When you join Young Living, you join a supportive global community of individuals who are passionate about authentic solutions for themselves and their families.  You also become part of our community, the One Drop of Oil community, that I helped co-found. I…

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