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Valentine’s Day Must Haves

So, what do you do to add spice and fun to your love life?!?  Essential oils are amazing for maintaining a healthy balance of your hormones (both for men and for women!). They also promote a healthy libido, increase sexual arousal and support sexual performance, boost masculinity and inspire romance and female allure. Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to try out essential oils and experience the benefits they can bring to your relationship!  Below are  a few of my favorite items to make Valentine’s Day a special day full of love and romance. 
Valentine's Day
One fun way to use your essential oils is to make a DIY natural lubricant!
1 drops of Black Pepper essential oil (very warming), 1 drops of Peppermint essential oil (very cooling) and 2 drops of Sensation essential oil (for the oooooh la la effect) and mix in about 12 drops of liquid coconut oil. Keep in mind that this would make your condoms ineffective. So if there is a baby come this fall, I take no responsibility for that!! 🙂 This for sure makes an interesting lubricant. But, you may have to play with the ratios to find it to be the right fit for you. This recipe for sure it has a fun zing to it.;) Some people like to use this more as a sexy massage lotion and rub along the inner thighs or around the navel, back or outer lady bits. Have fun however you choose to use it! 🙂
Maybe you prefer just to relax and unwind? If so, then this Romantic Bubble Bath would be more your speed. I love the way it smells and feels on my skin.
Bubble Bath
Hurry and order your oils so that they are here in time to enjoy for the holiday! 🙂
What is your favorite way to spice up the romance for Valentine’s Day?

If you are needing any of these oils, you can get them with a Young Living membership order here.  (More information about what comes with the membership and how it works is here!)

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