The Days are Flying By

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Days are Flying By

Gosh every day.  Flies by.  So very, very fast.  Of course, not the actual minutes, hours, but the time.  I just can’t keep up.  The days are just flying by.
I want to document all these sweet moments as they are happening in real time. I am going to have to give myself grace and realize better late than never!

Case in point.  We have started school.  Way back on August 17th.  Not only did I not make one of those cute signs that everyone else had floating around social media, I’m just now posting the pictures. While I enjoy being crafty, I just cannot get my act together to do something that organized, so this make-shift sign will have to do! 🙂


Oh and heaven forbid Itty Bitty not be included in what big brother is doing, the tantrums are beyond dramatic.  So, here is her first day of school picture. 🙂

When I thought about doing a homeschool “curriculum” this year, I had no idea what my kiddos would think of it.  But, they have been loving it!  We are loosely following the God’s Little Explorer’s program with our own spin and flavor. I am also adding in weekly readings from Journey of Imagination from Winterpress.
Week 1 was “X Marks the Spot” and really was a launch week into our journey into the school world. We made binoculars from two empty toilet paper rolls (so we could be explorers during our school year)

and a treasure map (because “X” marks the spot), as well as planned out our fun August and learned a little about days of the week.

I’m finding the best part of doing school at home is the go-with-the-flow, incorporate all-the-fun, enjoy life and be laughing and outdoors as much as we can.  So week one of school we went to Six Flags!


Clearly I have not figured out how to stop time. But, I have vowed to not be ruled this year by a schedule, deadlines, & the crazy life of business that seems to consume everyone during the fall and the holiday season.   I want to focus on being really present for my kids, and for enjoying every day. I want our life to be focusing on kingdom things, and soaking up every moment I can with my family and my friends.  When my kids ask for another round of tickling or want one more bedtime story or want to take an hour to eat a banana for breakfast, I want to not have to rush through it or miss any of it. This is a fabulous new outlook for me. The freedom from time constraints is amazing. It is allowing me to see JOY.  I love watching my kids laugh, learn a new concept, and be excited about life. Every day is an adventure for them. I am loving being able to be a part of it all day long. Of course, I know this isn’t always realistic in the day-to-day practical sense. I am going to choose what I say yes to, and realize I have the freedom to say no to things even if they are “good” activities. Also, I can make sure that in my free time I am making the most of it.

What are you doing to savor time in a world where the days are flying by?  I would love even more insight!

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