The life of our Little Peanut has taken us down many unexpected paths so far. But I want to be able to have an easy reference place for collecting and storing posts, information, resources as I find them. Our daughter Amelia Marie Grace was born on Feb 17, 2018 at 8:23am, weighing 7lbs 4oz and 19.25 inches long. Her name is very special to us. Amelia means work of the Lord. We will call her Leah because we love how she was unlikely in God’s plan and he made her central to the lineage of Christ over Rachel. Marie to share a name with me and a bonus middle name cause shes already special so why not: Grace. We will never forget that she certainly was not promised nor deserved nor earned but totally just a gift of grace. 

She has a full head of red hair, loves to stick her tongue out.

Blog Posts:

Before & After

The moment when you go in for your prenatal screening at 12 weeks never imagining you would hear the advice to terminate and the words “not compatible with life”. Our life now has a before and after.

A Second Opinion & a LONG week

In the pursuit to stand for life, I sought a MFM who would fight for my baby and view the life of our baby as a life. Here is our story of when we heard our sweet baby would have Down Syndrome, which was actually our story of hope.

The Road Less Traveled

Life is not Fair. A Fair is a park with rides, attractions and games. Life is messy and murky and sad and hard and shows us just how much we all need Jesus.

Waiting on Open Heart Surgery

What is it like to be waiting for your open heart surgery date with your kiddo? This is just a snippet of the anxiety and fear, but also the blessings.

How to Recognize Infantile Spasms in Your Baby