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Oils for Dudes

It seems everywhere I look these days essential oils are on the news, on social media, are being diffused in doctor’s offices, and being promoted largely by women. So, I will let you in a little secret that I hope doesn’t stay a secret a whole lot longer.  There are oils for dudes, too! In a faster-than-speeding-light world, in which the second a piece of news hits your newsfeed, it’s already too late, the men stand to benefit so much for essential oils.  Let’s dive in.

Oils for Dudes

1. Refresh Tired Muscles

For cooling and some soothing on his muscles, joints, back, knees and neck after a long day or after any physical activity, Cool Azul, PanAway, Deep Relief or Peppermint Essential Oil are amazing!  Women, rub these on your men stat!
Refresh Tired Muscles

2. Clean Shaven

For that clean shaven look that is often required in the traditional workplace setting.  The Shutran Shave Cream smells incredible to both men and women, and allows for a close shave with no skin irritation.  (Ladies – this is a great gift for the men in your life and Shutran smells ah-may-zing!)

Clean Shaven

3. Luscious Locks

Sometimes, in the process of natural aging, guys need support on their heads.  Or maybe you just want to maintain an already great head of hair.  Rosemary and Cedarwood essential oil are amazing for a healthy scalp and a healthy head of hair.

Luscious Locks

4. Handsome Sleep

Oh sleep, how I love thee let me count the ways.  I know many guys who feel the same way. Which is why I can’t speak highly enough of both Lavender essential oil and Tranquil Roller-On. We use both in our house nightly (Lavender on my man-cub, and Tranquil is one of my top go to for a great night’s sleep!), and I love the way they are both calming and relaxing.

Handsome Sleep

5. Sexy Time

Shutran Essential Oil blend (part of the Shutran shave cream above) is a must-have for every male!  This blend boosts masculinity, promotes confidence, supports healthy sexual performance, supports a healthy libido, acts as a natural cologne which encourages partner attraction.  Hmmmmm.  What man can’t use this?!?!?! 🙂   Sensation Message Oil, equally amazing, is wonderful to use during sexy time because it encourages intimacy, heightens sexual senses and is an amazing for supporting healthy skin during a massage or even as a natural lubricant.

Sexy Time

6. For The “Man Stuff”

Lemon essential oil is an incredible versatile oil, but for the man who likes to be fixing everything, this is the one you need in your back pocket.  This oil will remove gum, oil and grease stains, and sticky residue or to prevent rust and loosen rusty screws.  Did you know you can even add 2–3 drops on a rag to remove grime from tools and make them look new?!

For the Man Stuff

7. Fresh Breath, Clean Mouth

Guys, you already know, this is sooooo important.  But, have you ever looked at what may be in your run of the mill, store bought products?!  For example, EPA lists fluoride as a contaminant and it is considered toxic waste in the fertilizer industry.  Thieves toothpaste is a great alternative. It is all-natural, plant derived ingredients – Peppermint, Wintergreen, and Thieves, along with baking soda and of course it is toxin-free.  The Mouthwash gives you a fresh mouth by utilizing our signature Thieves oil blend.  Your teeth and gums will benefit from an invigorating clean that’s free from harsh alcohol and artificial dyes and flavors. Thieves Oral Care is great for the mouth, supports healthy gums, and strong teeth.

Fresh Breath, Clean Mouth

8. Stay Cool While Outside

It is already crazy hot here in Texas.  I like to fill a small glass spray bottle with distilled water and several drops of peppermint. I spray it on the back of my neck and get an instant cooling sensation.  Peppermint essential oil is very, very cooling and creates a tingling sensation on the skin.
Cool Down Outside

9. Stress Away and Relax

Oooooh stress away. My favorite in my bath salts. Not just cause its literally Stress. Away.  Stress Away is a gentle, fragrant blend of 6 oils: (Copaiba, Lime, Cedarwood, Vanilla, Ocotea, and Lavender). This is a unique blend of stress­ relieving and relaxing essential oils that can help reduce occasional nervous tension and bring feelings of peace and tranquility. The inclusion of copaiba and lavender help reduce mental rigidity and restore equilibrium.  I love that it has copaiba in it to soothe my muscles. And lavender. so relaxing. This oil has become one of my must-haves while living with a toddler. And a strong-willed child. The more I use oils, the more I am learning about using them for emotions, and to maintain healthy levels of EVERYTHING – stress, moods, cortisol, etc.Stress Away is able to help me maintain and balance all of that!

Time to Relax

10. Maintain Your Toenails

Because regardless of your personal style, it is still important to practice self-care, especially in the little things.  Even if your partner doesn’t say it, most would prefer that your toenails be maintained! 😉

Love Your Toenails

11. Maintain A Healthy Beard

Not only will this support hairs that are not so bristly and feel softer, but it supports and conditions skin, all while smelling good.  This is crazy super easy to make and here’s a fun little label you can put on a the jar you store this in!

Big Daddy Beard Oil


Big Daddy Beard Oil Label

12. Joint and Muscle Rub

I’ve made some pretty great muscle rubs over the years, but this is a power packed mix.  When I started paying attention to what’s in your store bought muscle rub, I knew I had to make some changes.  This one is only a few simple ingredients, smells incredible, is cooling (the Peppermint and the Wintergreen) and warming (the Lemongrass) and really penetrates the skin to the muscles and joints.  Simply just add this all together and roll on your back, your neck, your legs, etc.  Here is a fun label you can affix to your roller ball or jar.

Love Your MusclesMuscle Man Mix Label

13. Eliminate Odors

Purification essential oil is an amazing blend Citronella, Lemongrass, Myrtle, Lavandin, Rosemary, and Tea Tree.  It was formulated to freshen and purify air, not mask odors like a toxic chemical spray.  So many things just cover up the odor, and then later you find that smell returned.  Purification essential oil works differently to actually neutralize the odors.  That’s a win for everyone in the house!! 🙂

Stinky ShoesStinky Shoes Label

14. Hand Scrub

For those times when your hands have been working and greasy and dirty and and splattered with who-knows-what that just won’t come off easily.  Follow this recipe to make your hand washing effortless, and keep your hands nourished and smooth.  This stores easily in a glass jar to keep by the basin or sink where you wash after spending time in your garage or man-cave.  I’ve even included a label for you. to put on your jar so you remember what to use it for!

Dude Hand ScrubHand Scrub Label

15. Woodsy Outdoor Scent

All of these oils are incredible for allowing you to smell like you are part of the woodsy outdoors. Northern Lights Black Spruce smells divine!  If you are a hunter, this for sure could be a helpful tip for you as you are wanting to blend into your surroundings.  Here is a fun label too!

DIY CologneInto the Woods

I know that was a whirlwind, but look at the incredible ways essential oils can be used for the men in your life.  Did I miss anything you already love about essential oils?  Here is a great infographic summarizing the Top 15 Essential Oils for Dudes:

Cheat Sheet Infographic

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