I am definitely living in the moments.  Most days I’m just trying to keep my clan alive, which is harder than it sounds actually.  But moments.  The moments that make me laugh from deep inside because oh-my-stars the things littles say and do; to the moments I want to tear my hair out of my head and need to put myself in time-out because oh-my-stars the things littles say and do. 🙂


Case in point.
One moment these kids are having the greatest day of their life enjoying rides at a kiddie park.
So much joy, so much laughter.


But moments later when I needed her to sit on the other side of the stroller so I could put the baby where she had chosen to sit. Complete attitude.  This girl already knows how to dish it out at two.

I have millions of these all day long.  One of my favorites was this past March.  I thought it’d be cute to do a picture of her in her “One” shirt on her very last day being One.  My thinking was down the road I could do a first day of one-year-old and last day of one-year-old.  Well, you know what they say about the best laid plans.  In the space of under a minute, Itty Bitty went from thinking greatest thing ever (drool included!) to I hate this shirt and everything about it. Awesomeness.

Some moments I can’t even believe I caught on film. Gosh, check out my age.  I said film.  Haha.  But the point remains.  It is incredible to think I captured that moment.  Capturing my daughter watching her first snowfall in Dallas.  Priceless.  Or witnessing a shared moment between siblings when they are being kind and helpful to one another.  Goodness I cherish those moments in my heart.
And some moments are take-your-breath away, can’t believe that just happened, amazing in every single way.  That moment when your baby just survived the impossible and came bursting into the world full of life.  Now that is an incredible moment.
Here is what I have learned in my short nearly four years of parenting about the moments.
1. Soak up ALL the moments.  They are so fleeting and pass by WAY TOO FAST.  The good, the bad, the miraculous, the awful, the crazy.  Take it all in.  You will never get another chance to live out today.
2. Record as many of them as you can on paper, capture what you can on camera, because even though they are sown into my heart and woven into my soul, they sure are not in my mind.  Someday I want to share all these journeys with my littles when they are adults and raising their own children.
3. Remember they are moments.  Gosh that’s easier said than done when you are in. the. moment.  That favorite shirt of yours that your little just decided to “cut up”.  (It sure is cute the way she say “cut” right now though!)  That moment when the Man-Cub has been defiantly, willfully disobedient and then smirks to make sure I know he is protesting.  That moment when you are already late and the Man-Cub has to go the bathroom because he doesn’t possess the skill set to hold it and your other two littles are napping.  Breathe.  Pause.  Roll on some Stress Away essential oil.  Remember they are little for just a season.  This is just a moment, and it too shall pass.  (until the next moment 😉 )
4. Choose JOY.  When the world is spinning into crazy land, I try to think to remember to laugh and find the good in the moment.  My toddler needing to go to the bathroom, even though we are late, even though everyone else is sleeping, means I successfully potty trained my toddler.  When he is being disobedient, God is giving me an opportunity to train my child and perhaps teach him grace and mercy or perhaps teach him respect or a million other things he needs to learn (perhaps not all right at that moment though!!)  When I find my shredded shirt, I think of the pleasure she must have had wrangling that scissors and that makes me smile, and even a little proud that she is doing such a good job with her fine motor skills.
5. PRAY!  Goodness I need to do this.  All. the. time.  Because only God can give me the strength to get through these moments, to find the laughter in the stress and crazy, and the patience and wisdom to parent my littles through it.
6. Forgiveness, grace and love.  If you were harsh in that moment, forgive yourself and even ask for forgiveness from your kiddo. Grace because some days you need the reminder that tomorrow is a new day.  LOVE.  On the moments I get it right and remember and appreciate these moments, I see the Father’s heart.  I know how much He loves us.  The way I radically love my kids and beam with pride over their achievements.  His love is greater.  In the moments my kiddos are pulling at the last ounce of sanity I have left.  Oh my. The Father’s love is never ending, never on empty, never failing.  Thankful I can call on His love and see it’s power.  Every moment gives me a chance to know my God more.  Whether it is through forgiveness, grace or love.
Can you relate?  Tell me about the moments in your kiddo’s lives.  Any advice to share?

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  1. Genevieve

    I can so relate! Moments when I want to tear my hair out and moments when it is all worth it – E stopping a moment to say, “I love you mom” and S initiating peek-a-boo. Some days are sure harder than others though!

  2. Kelsey

    I always tell myself “I’m going to miss this!”. When it’s11:30 at night and I’m STILL trying to get the toddler to sleep and her little voice squeaks “don’t leave me mommy I just want to snuggle up with you”. She will not want to snuggle up 10 years down the road 🙁

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