Hey world! 🙂 And welcome to my homeschool section. I’ve mulled over the idea of sending my thoughts and my heart out into the world on this topic and I’ve decided to jump in. So let me tell you about myself. I spent a decade serving my God through the mission of Young Life. Along the way, I got to play surrogate parent to many, many teenagers and have watched those sweet kids become adults and even parents themselves.  That decade saw a marriage, several moves, lots of travels; and lots of loving other peoples’ kids radically.
    Then, almost 5 years ago come this September, I became a mom. And now I am parenting my own kiddos. It is the hardest, scariest, most fun, most rewarding, most challenging, silliest, funniest and chaotic journey I have ever been on. Some days I love it. Some days I nearly hate it.  Truthfully, most days I oscillate between the two every minute. 🙂
    So far, the Lord has given me three precious children. As of 2016, my Man-Cub will be five in September, Itty-Bitty is truly tiny and will be 3.5 in September and our newest bundle, Squish, will be a year and a half this fall! I have no idea where I am headed or how I am even going to get there. All I know is to cling tightly to my other mom friends who make up the village that is helping to raise these children, and to cling even tighter to the Lord. I am so blessed. These children truly are such a precious gift. Even more, they radically changed my family tree, my legacy and who am I. Now I am a mom. That is still crazy to me. Homeschool
Even crazier, I am a homeschooling mom. 2016-2017 marks the second year we are embarking on this homeschool craziness! This year we joined a Classical Conversations community. We will also be tying in Before Five in a Row. My two bigs are so excited for this school year.