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Essential Oils in the Bible

Have you ever looked at how essential oils were used in history, especially in Scripture? While many people know that Frankincense and Myrrh were brought as gifts to Jesus, there are so many references to Essential Oils in the Bible.

Biblical History


I love to read.  I make it a goal each year to try to get through 52 books, although I have yet to hit that goal.  Yet every year I set that goal simply because I love to read and I come close most years and have read some great books!  My favorite book is the Bible.  Every time I open it up, the Truth that is contained in it and the way it can minister to my heart, or encourage me, or admonish me, or remind me of the presence of the Holy Spirit in my life, I’m reminded again of what a blessing it is to have God’s Word translated into a language I can understand and accessible for my hands to hold and read.  Since I love my essential oils, it has been fascinating for me to delve into the pages of Scripture and find my beloved oils all over the Bible, going back to God’s plan and purpose in creation.  I love that plants and trees and essential oils run all throughout the pages of my Bible.  From the very beginning, at creation, even before God created Adam and Eve, He created plants and trees. I love that God created everything we need to maintain wellness in our bodies naturally via the plants, and trees, and flowers, and bushes.  When God became man, at the birth of Jesus, again essential oils were at the forefront with the Wise Men bringing frankincense and myrrh.  From Genesis to Revelation, essential oils in the Bible were a blessing and to be used by mankind.  I am going to spend sometime over the next few weeks blogging about the different essential oils in the Bible, their biblical references and how you can use them for your health and wellness.  Come on the journey with me!  Make sure you are following the blog, so you never miss a post!

Essential Oils in the Bible


Do you have a favorite verse in Scripture?  I would love to hear about the verse that ministers most to you!



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