I’m Mickey, the blogger behind Crunchy Gal. So excited that you stumbled onto this page to get a glimpse into who I am. I long to share a piece of my heart with you. First and foremost, I am a servant of the King. I’m a wife. A mom to four very little kiddos, one with Down Syndrome and a Congenital Heart Defect. A lover of natural childbirth, natural living, the great outdoors, essential oils, and most alternative things. Love to color outside the lines, dance in the rain, infuse laughter into all situations, be intentional, and choose joy.

Long before I was a parent, I spent a decade serving my God through the mission of Young Life. Along the way, I got to play surrogate parent to many, many teenagers. I have watched those sweet kids become adults and even parents themselves.  Then, I got married, moved, traveled, and kept on loving other peoples’ kids radically. Then in September of 2011, I became a Mom. It is the hardest, scariest, most fun, most rewarding, most challenging, silliest, funniest and chaotic journey I have ever been on. These children truly are such a precious gift.  Even more, they radically changed my family tree, my legacy and who am I.  Now I am a mom.  That is still crazy to me.

 Crunchy GalI love all the adventures that being a parent takes me on, but by far my quest for “crunchy”, natural things has been my heart love language. One of my favorite aspects is “babywearing”, and while I don’t love that term as I don’t believe I can wear a person, I sure love snuggling with my babies and keeping them as close to me as I can, for as long as I can. The “hands-free” was both a necessity, and a complete game changer to make life easy. Moreover, babywearing makes life manageable while wrangling three littles. I am my best self with a baby snuggling against me. And this picture just makes my heart sing.

As a wife and mom, I, want to also show off a family picture because we are a family. And it takes all of us working together as a team to make our life not just work, but be fun and enjoyable and allow for our days to be full of adventure and laughter.  My four loves are lovingly referred to as my Man-Cub (2011), Itty Bitty (2013), Squish (2015) and Little Peanut (2/2018).  We are based in Dallas, TX and we love trips to the Zoo, Six Flags and the Perot Museum, as well as checking out all the awesome neighborhood parks around us.  The hubby and I love football, live concerts, quality movies, roadtrips, and the beach life.