What does Crunchy mean? To me, the term Crunchy really represents a spectrum of ideas. I am a part of several crunchy mom communities and there seems to be some overlapping places of agreement. Largely we are people who are striving towards a lifestyle that is alternative to what may be deemed “normal”. Some of these ideas include (not in any order): organic and non-GMO and whole/real foods, breastfeeding and even extended breastfeeding, natural childbirth, homeschooling, peaceful/respectful/gentle parenting, herbs/homeopathy/essential oils/home remedies, using cloth diapers, kombucha and fermented foods, extended rear facing, baby-wearing, intact/non-circumcised males, co-sleeping, vaccination choice and education, REI and/or attachment parenting, baby led weaning and using chiropractic care.

This by no means is an exhaustive list. Nor is this a list of rules in order to be considered “crunchy”. Therefore, you can be crunchy because you had a homebirth even if you use disposable diapers. You could be considered crunchy if you encourage extended breastfeeding into toddlerhood, but rarely buy organic food and/or live off of fast food. There are no hard rules, and this is largely a journey for everyone of us. It is a mentality of striving towards gathering education and information, seeking to get to the root issues in health problems, and working towards intentional connections with their kids. I have summed all this up into three phrases: Natural Living. Holistic Health. Unconventional Wisdom.

What Does Crunchy Mean?

What does Crunchy mean to you? Are you a Crunchy Gal?


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