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Lemon Essential Oil

Nothing beats a cold lemonade on a hot, summer day.  I love the way lemons smell.  Since I’ve decided I am going to work through all of Young Living’s products, I’m going to document it in this blog.  (See my first post in this series on Lavender here. I do hope you will follow this blog on this journey.  There are so many wonderful products in Young Living.) OK – back to lemons. 😉  Young Living Lemon Essential Oil smells wonderful.  Moreover, it is so practical and useful, with its many different benefits.  I have just started using this oil and already have found many uses for it.

Lemon Essential Oil

  1. Balances Skin (and hair): The properties in lemon essential oil will help balance your skin and hair if it is oily or can give it back some life if it is appearing dull.
  2. Household Cleaner: I love to add about a few drops to my DIY vinegar and water cleaner to clean floors, and to add just 3 drops to my 8oz bottle of vinegar water to clean my mirrors.
  3. Maintain healthy emotions: Lemon essential oil is also great to diffuse to support balanced emotions.  Now when I feel crabby, I just diffuse a drop or two because it uplifts my spirits.
  4. Focus: This is also an amazing essential oil to diffuse to support mental clarity.
  5. Maintain Healthy Circulation: Rub on mixture of a carrier oil and several drops of lemon (remember to do this as night as lemon is a photo sensitive essential oil).

Lemon Oil

I am super grateful for the Vitality line.  There are so many things you can do with Lemon Vitality Essential Oil!
  1. Supports Healthy Digestion: mix a drop or two in your water and drink.
  2. Soothe A Throat: drinking some lemon water which feels so soothing on a throat.
  3. Support Healthy Immune System: I have started drinking a glass of water with a drop of lemon vitality (and a drop of orange vitality) daily to help cleanse my system and also to keep my body healthy.
  4. Detoxifying: many people I know use Lemon oil as part of their routine to maintain a clean system that is healthy and detoxed from the environment.
  5. I add to my DIY fruit cleaner – For all those yummy fruits I buy at Aldi, I just drop a little lemon essential oil in a bowl with some water and the fruit to help aid in cleaning my fruit off and help longevity of my fruit.

Lemon Oil 

I know many more uses exist for this amazing oil.  How do you use Lemon essential oil?




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