Deep Relief {Post # 5 – Using Essential Oils}

It’s been a while since I posted, and much has been going on – including a trip to the Mayo Clinic (that will be another post for a different day).
But, I have to tell you that this Deep Relief Roll-On has been saving my life.  Literally.About a year ago, I was in crazy, debilitating pain.  I was weeks away from birthing my second baby, and was on self-imposed bed rest.  Walking was essentially an impossibility.  Fast forward post-birth, and my body continued to deteriorate all summer.  The pain was intense, unforgiving and required dramatic changes in my quality of life.  De-stressing and more sleep have been critical to having more success with my body.

Then, this past fall I discovered Deep Relief.   Here’s all the good stuff in it:

Deep Relief Essential Oil 

It is so easy to use.  Locate an area, rub Deep Relief on it, and enjoy your life again!

The top FIVE reasons I love it:
1. This oil blend has NINE amazing oils that work together to create immediate and penetrating “deep relief”.  

2. It is SAFE.  I don’t have to worry about any side effects, except feeling amazing.

3. It is a ROLL-ON.  My sweet hubby does not even have to get any oil on his fingers – ALL the oil goes right on my back and wherever we roll it on.

4. It is COST-EFFECTIVE.  It only costs $26.75 with a Young Living membership.  I cannot tell you how much cheaper that is than what I was doing previously.  And one bottle lasts me ALL MONTH!

5. It smells GREAT.  I carry this oil in my key chain pouch.  And apply a couple times throughout the day.  I often receive compliments on how great I smell!

And my NUMBER ONE reason I am a fan – is when I was at Mayo Clinic, my doctors were familiar with Deep Relief, and even encouraged my use of it!!!

If you use this, and have a success story – I would love to hear from you!!

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