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Choosing an Essential Oil Company

There are so many companies that are marketing essential oils.  How did I go about choosing an essential oil company?

In fact, over the years I have used essential oils from a variety of places without much success.  Now, I understand why. Most stores and companies actually sell adulterated oils. (An adulterated oil means that the essential oil is not pure, because it is mixed with synthetic oils and/or alcohol which destroys the therapeutic properties of the essential oil.)  Adulterated oils are created cheaply, which is why you can buy them for such a cheap price. (You pay for what you get! ;)) These oils, while they may smell good, generally have no therapeutic efficacy and can even be harmful.

I choose to use Young Living essential oil, exclusively. Here are the the top reasons I love Young Living essential oils.

  1. Young Living essential oils work. They are beneficial for my family. I am able to support my whole family’s health with with my oils.
  2. They are cost-effective. My former health care spending was OUT-of-control. One drop of oil is so inexpensive in comparison.
  3. Young Living’s Seed to Seal commitment. Read more about the amazing promise they make to families worldwide here.
  4. Young Living owns many of its own farms and distills its own oils. Their farm lands are free from pesticides, toxic chemicals. Since essentially everything effects the way plants grow, I appreciate that no toxins or chemicals are being used on the farmlands.
  5. Company transparency: Members can visit the farms, see the plants, participate in the harvest, watch distillation. I got to do this during October of 2015 and it was amazing!
  6. Quality Matters: Young Living uses pure essential oil from the FIRST distillation. (Much of the cheaper oil that is out on the market is from a second, third or subsequent distillation.)  If the oil does not meet the rigorous quality standards, it is not eligible for sale. Only 28% of the oil is actually makes it to market and is available for purchase. Don’t believe me? Do an oil blot test. Put 1 drop of oil on an absorbent piece of paper. Pure essential oils will completely evaporate, leaving behind no visible trace.
  7. A company history stretching over 20 years. Since they were established in 1993, the company has built and earned a respectable reputation. Young Living has the reputation of having the most pure and most powerful oils on the planet. They are the largest producer and supplier of essential oils in the world.
  8. Young Living has two critical differences that separate them from the competition: A.) Young Living doesn’t put expiration dates on their bottles because they DO NOT GO RANCID or lose ANY efficacy! B.) You can take all Young Living Vitality essential oils internally!  This also makes them really fun to cook with, too.
  9. Variety of products. Young Living has hundreds of essential oils, as well as a complete line of supplements and personal care. This is becoming my favorite reason, because I just love how complete their line is. I do not want to put toxic chemicals in my body, from my skin care to my chap-stick to my shampoo. I like that I can get all that from one essential oil company.
  10. By far, Young Living offers the largest selection of essential oil singles and blends.
Choosing an Essential Oil Company
What has your experience been? How did you go about choosing your essential oil company? Why do you love Young Living?  I would love to hear your thoughts!
When you are ready to get started with a Young Living membership order here.  (More information about what is included with the membership and how it works is here!)

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