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It's official!  We have started the school year.  Mostly our days are filled with laughter, some learning through play, and some learning through intentional activities. So by way of recap, here was the month of September and what we learned. Aug 24-Aug 28 was the Letter G, the Garden of Eden and the 7 days of creation. We memorized Gen 1:31. Our activity wa making a contact paper creation book, using cotton ball clouds, fresh grass and leaves, and animal stickers. We had a fantastic, fun morning watching Itty Bitty participate along with us.  The end of the week was about learning about gardens and seeds and how plants grow. So we set about planting our own seeds!     Week 3 (Aug 31-Sept 4) brought the planning of the month of September, the letter A for Apples, learning all about Apples. We tasted…

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The Days are Flying By

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Gosh every day.  Flies by.  So very, very fast.  Of course, not the actual minutes, hours, but the time.  I just can't keep up.  The days are just flying by. I want to document all these sweet moments as they are happening in real time. I am going to have to give myself grace and realize better late than never! Case in point.  We have started school.  Way back on August 17th.  Not only did I not make one of those cute signs that everyone else had floating around social media, I'm just now posting the pictures. While I enjoy being crafty, I just cannot get my act together to do something that organized, so this make-shift sign will have to do! :) Oh and heaven forbid Itty Bitty not be included in what big brother is doing, the tantrums are…

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I am definitely living in the moments.  Most days I'm just trying to keep my clan alive, which is harder than it sounds actually.  But moments.  The moments that make me laugh from deep inside because oh-my-stars the things littles say and do; to the moments I want to tear my hair out of my head and need to put myself in time-out because oh-my-stars the things littles say and do. :) Case in point. One moment these kids are having the greatest day of their life enjoying rides at a kiddie park. So much joy, so much laughter. But moments later when I needed her to sit on the other side of the stroller so I could put the baby where she had chosen to sit. Complete attitude.  This girl already knows how to dish it out at two. I…

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